when you tell your parents that you are attending your friend's 'birthday party' while all invited guests are really down at the beach playing spin the stick and making out with eachother. also, when some of your friends decide to 'sidestep' for the males attending this party and later feel extreme regret for this decision. ;-)
Jp told his parents we were at the beach stargazing, while in fact everybody was making out with eachother and sidestepping.
by Breezy2917 January 02, 2006
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when you tell your mother that you and you and your friends are at the beach gazing at the stars when in fact, you are all making out with eachother. This usually only happens on birthdays. Cause thats the rule.
I told my mom that we were stargazing, but in fact, we were making out.
by Lauren and Kelsey December 31, 2005
To sneak away from a group (usually at night), to commence a crazy make-out session. 'Stargazing' usually occurs with another individual, though solo macking sessions have been known to occur. These individual stargazing excursions are generally discouraged and seen as anti-social.
Mary: "Chrissy where did you go last night, we were waiting for you."
Chrissy: "Oh, I was stargazing"
Mary: "...with B-Shay?"
Chrissy: "No, by myself"
Mary: "...Oh..."
by Mangofatdoody November 02, 2010
what you do when youre high with a bunch of friends. sand up spin aroung 15 times and then someone shines a flashlight right in yur face and you loose contol of your body.
tim: hey john, after that bowl do you wanna go stargazing?
john: OKAY!
by MEGA$EX October 04, 2008
the ability to be crafty and steal street signs in a town when ppl are awake.
Megann: hey jessica! Let's go star gazing.
Jessica: Oh, why megann. I would love to go star gazing.
Megann: OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jessica Lamaster October 18, 2007

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