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The proper (some might say "derogatory", though I hope for the sake of the world they wouldn't) term for the evil coffee making entity sometimes known as Starbucks.

Also: a game which involves trying to fuck the most attractive member of staff working in said coffe shop, whilst buying the least number of products (See also Fuckbeans).
"I hate Starfucks"
"Don't you mean StarBUCKS?
"No, I assure you, I meant Starfucks."
by Bartender February 21, 2004
76 28
A starfuck is one who delights in making a positive impression on those in a position of power, usually of some celebrity or high political status.
Instead of hanging out with us, Steve wanted to hang out with the John Kerry advance team. What a Starfuck.
by Ralph Macchio November 05, 2004
113 47
Parody of Starbucks.
Starfucks has such awful coffee! it's expensive and it tastes like sewage.
by CremeDeLaGherkin October 24, 2008
24 8
After drinking several Venti's from the Starbucks Coffee Chain, your fucks become so jittery, you see stars!
After consuming three Venti lattes consecutively, she starfucked him.
by C boss September 27, 2006
64 56
one who screws famous people. A starfucker.
The egotistical movie star wakes up every morning with a different starfuck at his side.
by Starpunk September 28, 2006
53 49
a verb referring to the act of fucking in a Starbucks public bathroom
The Frappuccinos made us very horny so we decided to Starfuck.

We used the whipped cream from our lattes to Starfuck.
by fratsarestupid April 18, 2011
11 8
To have casual sex with a celebrity just because they are famous regardless of whether they are attractive or not. The sex act of a groupie.
I don't know how she could be with him, even if he is on TV. Has to be a star fuck!
by sarahtonin000 December 13, 2010
6 6