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A date of legend. It is usually used to describe a date that will never happen in our, or several lifetimes. A suitable replacement for the common phrase "when pigs fly".
Person 1:"Do you think I will get an A in this class?"
Person 2:"Yeah, on the Starcraft 2 Release Date!"

Person 1:"When can I drive the Jag?"
Person 2:"When Starcraft 2 is released"
by Master_of_Idioms January 27, 2009
The Gaming industry's version of "Chinese Democracy"
Man 1: When is the fucking Starcraft 2 Release Date gonna be?

Man 2: I dunno! Maybe it will be like Chinese Democracy, which might mean never?!

Man 3: You retard! Chinese Democracy IS out already in stores so there's still hope Starcraft 2 will come out somehow! Its not a matter of if BUT when!
by Now Put Her In The Buck March 11, 2010
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