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A Starbucks Drone is a new breed of Homo Sapien, adapted to the exquisite atmosphere of organic food, blogging publicly at coffee shops (like Starbucks), artisan stuff, and, of course, Starbucks. Their newly classified scientific name is Homo Organicstarbucksian. A Starbucks Drone is usually a 20-30 year old of the sex male or female, who visits Starbucks at least twice a day. They seem not to be satisfied with a simple but effective drink. One of the most common orders are a Skinny Pumpkin Whip Artisan Organic Americana Latte with extra foam no fat bla bla bla 1234 drink. But there's more to this breed. Starbucks Drones are usually unemployed, and have blogs on the interent. They come to Starbucks and blog publicly on their Apple MacBook Computers, while sipping their extra-special artisan organic skinny drink, and type. In these blogs they write about everything that happens in their life.. and they act as if anyone cares. It's odd behavior that still isn't fully understand ed by scientists. They love to use words like "exquisite", "organic", "Starbucks", "artisan", "Starbucks", "my blog", to name a few. They also enjoy jazz music a little too much. They drive a Toyota Hybrid Prius, and 99% are pro-life and atheist. Some are homosexual, but not all. To better understand this breed yourself, go to your local Starbucks Coffee Shop and just look around. Lots of these people are Homo Organicstarbucksians. For more information, please email
Normal Guy: "Isn't the coffee here pretty good?"

Starbucks Drone: "It has so much personality and boldness, with a touch of caramel organic artisan beans."

Normal Guy: "What u talkin bout' Willis?"
by OKWHATYEAHH April 16, 2010
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