Where rich, self-righteous liberal college kids like to "hang" (loiter) all day on their laptops. They also enjoy taking advantage of free wi-fi connections while pretending to be good students and/or productive people in general.
Johnny: Holy crap, half of NYU's student body is trying to get into Starbucks!!
Joe: I know, and all of the Huffington Post newspapers from the newsstands on the way there are gone as well!
by Publius 2.0 March 06, 2013
The only things white girls can even.
Samantha went to Starbucks so she can even something for a change.
by Wat.the.wat October 02, 2014
A Coffee shop, where after becoming famous, is not actually good coffee at all. An old lady in the back just shits in your cup, and that's it. You can also find people with glasses and laptops occupying the very limited seating space.
Hey, what did you do this morning?

Oh, I just went down to Starbucks to get some coffee

Dude, that sucks

yeah, I don't feel myself, when I think about it.
by mr. master clone face December 19, 2013
A large coffee franchise that only sells fair trade coffee when requested, has sucky atmosphere, and has ruined the art of true espresso with it's fast-food style espresso machines. I put them in the same league as McDonald's McCrapfe. Not only do they use similarly crappy machines, McDonald's sells Seattle's Best drip coffee, which is now owned by Starbucks as well. Seeing a connection here? Also, they monopolize on the masses of people (who I don't blame) who think sugary, watered down coffee is what good espresso should taste like. I daresay if they had a decent espresso drink, it would rock their world.
Friend 1: "Want to go to Starbucks?"
Friend 2: "Fuck you."
by joanofarcadia232323 January 06, 2011
Where white girls go..
I'm going to get a frap at Starbucks, but first let me take a selfie
by LovelyGrumpGirl July 22, 2014
to rapidly expand a franchise globally, often pushing the local competitors out of business in the process.
KFC, McDonalds, and 7 Eleven have already starbucked their way across Asia, and will probably starbuck completely around the world very soon.
by Minnie's Mom August 18, 2013
Useful for three things.

1) You're poor/out of town/on a coffee break and you need/want free Internet.
2) You're going to be spending hours working on schoolwork and need a caffeine injection to sustain yourself.
3) Both A and B
1) Jimmy: We're going to New York City... hold on, there's a S'Bucks up ahead. I'm going to check Google Maps for a sec to see where we are
2) Bob: Yeah, my thesis paper is due tomorrow. I'm going to Starbucks. A few shots there should keep me awake, if a little jittery, so I don't crash on the keyboard.
3) Mike: Oh shit. My presentation is due tomorrow and I haven't actually started it. I'm headed off to Starbucks with my laptop. Once a few drinks are in my system, I'm going to set to work and search the stuff I need on Wikipedia, then type it up in different words, cite a vaguely related source, and fancy it up - hopefully the teacher will think I spent the last two weeks on it.
by Brawldud January 23, 2012

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