First mate on the "Pequod" in Herman Melville's 1851 novel "Moby Dick."
"Halloa! Starbuck's astir, said the rigger. He's a lively
chief mate, that; good man, and a pious; but all alive now..."
by static244 November 12, 2005
An surname dating to circa 13th/14th century England. This particular surname is actually a corruption of earlier names, either Starbok or Starbeck. The origins of the name reach back to old Norse 'stor' and 'bok.' Combined these words amount to 'big stream.'
The first record of a Starbuck in the Americas was a one Edward Starbuck, circa 1635. I am a direct decendant of said man, and am therefore a 14th generation Starbuck in America.
by Joshua Starbuck February 05, 2004
A nice place to go to the bathroom.
I have to piss-between-cars since the Starbuck's near the park is closed.
by Miss Christine August 25, 2008
A successful small US company with a good quality and environmental record that treats it's workers well and has a good product that people want to buy.Because of it's good customer service and product, the company does very well and expands, yet does not francise to maintain quality. So of course all the yuppie noveau hippies and poser hipsters hate it in a kneejerk way because it's "the Man". How dare people patronize a store that makes a consistently decent product! They should patronize the crap local coffeehouse that employs the loser hipsters who cannot make a decent latte to save their lives, as it's more "authentic".
I thought you hated Starbucks Josh, what's with the latte?
by gingernyc September 03, 2007
n. unit of measurement, derived from standard distance between Starbucks Coffee shops; roughly equivalent to a city block

Luckily he'd only gone a starbuck or two from home before realizing he wasn't wearing pants.

by frrrrrr March 06, 2009
An extremely popular yet expensive coffee chain where many teens go to hang out, gossip/chat on a Friday, and buy coffee. Older, college students often find Starbucks a comfortable and quiet place to study or type various things on their laptops.
"We'll always have our starbucks Friday right guys?"
my teacher said- "If you need to make up an assignment, come in early and feel free to bring your starbucks too."
"I'm going to starbucks to study"
by Cherrypie December 06, 2006
1. To fuck someone over, usually a person dear to you, in a seriously fucked up manner.

2. A crazy person, usually someone emotionally unstable and prone to bouts of rage and hitting and shooting things. They're particularly prone to hitting and shooting those they love.
1. We had this really romantic night, dancing, sex under the stars. She said she loved me and couldn't imagine a happier life without me. Then the next day the crazy bitch totally starbucks me by marrying my little brother! Totally didn't see that coming!

2. All was well when I left for work this morning, hearts and flowers. Then when I got home I gave her a kiss on the cheek and said "I love you baby. You make me so happy." Then she goes absolutely starbuck on me, kicks me in the harbles, and repeatedly hits me in the face. All the while telling me how much she loves me too!
by billius75 July 24, 2009
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