A coffee shop which is highly overrated
What exactly is the difference between tall or small????
Hey i went to starbucks and bought a Vente double chocolaty chip frap and sat on couches and surfed the net...big whoop -______-
by Brown Giirl July 10, 2008
1. The place that made buying $4 coffee more important than paying your rent.

2. A coffee shop that is located in every mall, street corner, and bathroom (and some houses) in America and other countries. Soon to take over the world.

3. A place where no one understands you when you say "Can I just have a medium coffee?"

4. The language of Corporate America.
Random dude: Hey, I'd like to buy this shirt.
Employee: Well, hurry up. This place is going to be a Starbucks in 5 seconds.

Corporate American: I would like a venti half-caf mint-mocha Frap with a double-shot of Fall Blend, no foam.
Barista: That will be $5.38
Corporate American: Eh, less expensive than gas!

Some celeb: Yo, yo , yo homiez. Welcome to my crib. I'd like to show you where the magic happens! THIS is my Starbucks room.
A coffee place that will charge you $10 for a fucking cup of coffee. And they're not fooling me! I know that a large is a small. Dumb homos.
They spoke out against the war because they think they're cool. THEY SHOULD BURN IN HELL
Starbuck's? Fuck Starbuck's! DUNKIN DONUTS IS THE RULA!
by BiggyJee December 30, 2004
A quiet wonderful coffee shop found on every corner of every street in every suburban town.
Im going to starbuck... (walks to the nearest street corner)
by fancythat March 20, 2005
extremely corporate coffee franchise that is literally on every corner of every block of every major U.S. city. Hipsters and indie types flock there to discuss their meaningless lives and recite poetry.
Hipster 1: Let's go to a coffee shop and read some poetry, but not Starbucks. It's sooo corporate...
Hipster 2: yea. Where should we go?
Hipster 1: Ummm...How about Starbucks?
Hipster 2: Sounds good!
by Mdub87 April 16, 2006
The fastest acting laxative on the market today. A $1.80 cup of house coffee will leave you running to the bathroom in a "wired" frenzy.
After a morning cup of Starbucks, Jimmy was off to the races in a wired frenzy searching for the nearest public restroom.
by Punchline67 April 22, 2006
Place where middle-class white people likes to hang out.
Those crackas are always at that Starbucks.
by e*trade March 28, 2003

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