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A High-end coffee shop. High prices and crappy coffee... don't ever expect to finda a regular coffee there its impossible.
Cahier: "Welcome to Starbucks how may i serve you?"
customer: " Can i have a lage coffee please"
cashier: " whats a large, and whats coffee?"
Customer: "the second biggest size of a cafinated beverage"
Cashier: "o you mean a grande tripple mocha expresso"
by Shane W March 21, 2006
A place for hairy lesbians, metrosexuals, "artists", people who can't be away from their laptops for more than 5 minutes, uptight wanna-be rich bitches, people who can't drink coffee without removing their shoes and "soccer moms" hang out. They also, incidently, have great coffee.
I got a coffee at Starbucks and learned that orange is the new black, horrah!
by Jonathan January 13, 2005
The formal coffee supplier of A-holes.
There are 3 major types of said A-holes
1 Executive (usually distant and pissed)
only aims to get his coffee and go

2 Teacher
tells other peoplein starbucks what something is

3 Writer
people who bring laptops just to be seen writing
A regular business day in starbucks would most likely include these characters

1 cashier: heres ur coffee sir
executive: yeah whatever (leaves)
2 customer: I'll have a small coffee
teacher: yeah, its actually called "tall"
3 writer1: why be a writer if no one sees you doing it
writer2: that is so true. you should write it down
writer1: okay, will you watch me
(family guy)
by The Conqueror February 29, 2008
A barista shoppe that advertises a shot of espresso added to cups and cups of milk smothered in whipped cream and (insert flavor here) sauce as a legitimate coffee beverage. Calling yourself a coffee nerd while drinking Starbucks is the equivalent of calling yourself a beer nerd while drinking Budweiser. For some reason, this shop has been demonized by the alternative culture for being "corporate" and yet I see these same kinds of people ordering venti iced Caramel Macchiatos for themselves and their mothers the very next day.
Alt dude: Don't go to Starbucks! Starbucks is part of "the man's" attempt to enslave mankind!
Me: Alright...

((((the next day))))
Alt dude: I'd like a venti double shot raspberry green tea coffee with whipped cream. Oh, and lemme get one of those strange chocolate brownies over there!
Starbucks clerk: That'll be $13.94.
by Treima May 08, 2006
A coffee store that is located on every block.
Man looking out of the window at a starbucks: Hey look, I can see starbucks!
by -=Sephiroth=- May 26, 2004
a really good coffee shop where they starve all the kids in africa to make them work under-paid every day
but we love it to the core anyway!
"lets go to starbucks and order a tall, skinny, hazelnut caffe latte with no added sugar, and expresso shot and no cream. because its blates the best drink that they do!"
by LucyInTheSkyWithDiamonds April 26, 2008
An employment haven for college dropouts, musicians, poets, and sundry artsy types, still living at home whilst pressing into their 30's, desperate for health insurance until they can make a living following the muse.
my high school drop out brother just got a job at McDonalds.
Oh yeah! Well, my college drop out sister just got a job at Starbucks. That is; until she makes it as a stage actress.
by paco March 16, 2004