the status symbol plague of america in liquid's the only beverage accessory to your outfit now. and every mindless drone who goes there thinks that they're artsy, posh, and sophisticated if they visit a starbucks or carry around a drink with its logo, despite the fact that just about anyone can buy from there?
Serena stopped by starbucks in the morning to buy a mocca java and she finished it in 5 minutes flat but more importantly she carried the empty cup with its starbucks logo around to each of her next 6 class periods of the day.

Tara almost sold her soul to work at starbucks, now she finally got the job, thinks she's in paradise, and brags about how she can make the best frappacinos and can serve her admiring friends for free. As you can see, she's truly made it in life.
by can you repeat the question June 04, 2004
A woman who looks attractive when dressed, but much less so when her clothes come off.
Dude, that girl was a total starbuck. It was terrifying.
by aw hell no March 28, 2008
a sexy and/or flirtatious male barista
I don't know what's hotter, my latte or that starbuck who made it!

I seated myself at a table in the coffee shop where I could get a good view of the starbuck behind the counter.
by little purple star April 28, 2007
adj. To visit, purchase and then consume drinks from Starbucks.

Starbuck - Future tense
Starbuckking - Present tense
Starbucked - Past tense
Fut. I am going to Starbuck my way across Manhattan.

Present. I am starbuckking my way across Manhattan.

Past. I starbucked my way across Manhattan.
by Tatch April 29, 2005
1. A fast-food style corporate coffee chain.

2. The male of a very unusual and elusive species of deer. Alleged to have various mystical properties
1. Is this coffee from Starbucks? I thought so, it taste pretty damn good! Just like bathwater!

2. Did you hear about Josh Mallone's hunting trip? He shot this starbuck with a .22, but the bullet just bounced straigh off its head and it ran off before disappearing into thin air like a smoke cloud!
by Peezee-Ark October 05, 2003
A tiny person. They are so small that they are below your eyeline and you often run in to them. Theyre so delicate that if they ever got laid theyd be crushed.
Man I ollied in to that Starbuck today and almost killed him!
by Michael Baker August 23, 2005
Starbuck's: A coffee shop or cafe which likes to make its money by making other coffe shops go out of business.
plan: make a starbuck on each corner of the street the enemy coffee shop is on. All three coffee shops do badly, but because Starbuck's is a multi-million dollar company, the other shop goes bankrupt first, leaving Starbuck's to reap all the customers, and inevitably, benifets.
outcome: Starbuck's on pretty much every corner in every city with coffee shops
"hey do u wanna go 2 Starbuck's somewere"
"sure, wot abt that 1... ro that 1... or there's 1 over there... heres 1"

Starbuck's are taking over, there is no escape
by random bulldog August 05, 2004
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