Basically Its A Fucking White Girls Crack Shack
Britany: Lets Go to starbucks then
by Faithful ツ August 14, 2014
Where white girls go..
I'm going to get a frap at Starbucks, but first let me take a selfie
by LovelyGrumpGirl July 22, 2014
An evil coffee corporation who's secret agenda is to slowly take over the world until there is a Starbucks on every street in the world.
Starbucks is evil.
by Kowdee December 03, 2008
1. (Noun, Slang). A five-dollar bill used to purchase coffee or other needless items with inflated prices.

2. (Noun, Slang). A service rendered for the amount of $5, any service that you may attribute the value of only five dollars. A medial, mundane, or demeaning task.

3. (Noun, singular). An over-priced drink at a coffee-mill made by foreign child-laborers.

4. (Verb, Slang). A term used to express a punch from an open-hand attack. As the palm makes contact, the fingers stab the surrounding area of the target, making extra asskickin power.

5. (Noun, plural). The designated amount of American Currency used to purchase exactly 1 (one) cup of tasty coffee from the largest coffee chain in the Universe. One Green, Aberham Lincoln, $5 bill. The equivalent of one tank of gas for your car at it's peak time.
1. "Hey, check out this awesome rap CD I bought in the alley from a crack-dealer for just a Starbuck!"

2. Samantha - "Hey, can you pick up my jacket from the cleaners?"
Mike - "Sure, I'll do it for a Starbuck..."
Samanatha - "No way, dude... I'm never washin your whites again!"

3. "Oops! I gotta go, I'm late for work and I still gotta grab a Starbuck before I get back to my stupid job!"

4. "You keep runnin your mouth, and Ima starbuck you in the chin, muthafucka!

5. Jim - "Hey, do you have 5 bucks I can borrow for gas so I can get to work?"
Sally - "Sorry... This is my last $5 bucks and I haven't had my coffee..."
Jim - "What?!"
Sally - "I can't... IT'S my LAST StarBUCK!"
by therealkenkny January 14, 2011
At the end of yours and every other street in the entire world.
*walks into Starbucks*
Me: "One small coffee please"
Guy behind counter: "That'll be $100 please"
Me: ...WTF?
by JA24 April 19, 2009
Great coffee, although your purchase is in the image of the company.

It is slightly overpriced compared to your average cup of coffee. but on the side of the cup you get a witty and intelligent quote. if you buy starbucks you are, therefore, intelligent.
Although, this is not the case because you spent $3.00 on a cup of coffee.
Boyfriend: my uncle buys starbucks to maintain his image.

Girlfriend: Shut up already! can you please just hurry and buy my double non-fat extra whip, carmel macchiato!
by redzone1 November 09, 2008
An American Coffee Company that runs about 5-10% of all coffee in the World. Typically will only be purchased by people who would burn their money for addictions. Will continue to sell coffee for about 800 years until the human race has become so stupid they can no longer use Coffee makers and will pioneer the first legal world-wide prostitution company.
"Wow, I could really go for a Starbucks..."
"Me too! I want a Vente!"

800 years from now...

"Man, I want Starbucks..."
"Perv! Ok"
by MioXM July 24, 2009
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