1. a place where menopausal women come to verbally abuse me cause their children have moved out to avoid the mental torture and their husbands are gladly away on business trips in third world countries.
2. a place where groups of 3-5 13 year old girls who have somehow managed to come across a jefferson all want a frappuccino of a different flavor, then change their mind while i'm halfway through making it.
3.a coffee house that has gained popularity with the masses by letting them know that their $3.10 for a 12 ounce drink is showing the rest of the world that they are indeed a cup above.
4. a place where annoying people are convinced that i want to hear their trials and tribulations.
5. a coffee house that serves a good cup of joe to the masses for a high price, was ruined by the invention of the evil frappuccino.
Frowning woman: half organic half soy with a splash of breve extra extra hot i mean exactly 187 degrees, and i carry a thermometer in my purse you sou better make it exactly 187 triple venti 5/7 decaf sugar free vanilla cafe latte. oh yeah and no foam.
Me: ok.
Frowning woman: (now scowling bitterly) oh you are writing it all wrong give me the cup and i'll write it myself. my usual Starbucks barista that i go to writes it in italics times new roman. hisssssssssss.
by Colin M. May 16, 2006
Top Definition
Where you're going to end up if you get a master's degree in the following:

1) Art History
2) Fine Arts
3) Philosophy
4) Literature
"I know the barista at this Starbucks: she was in my 'Critical Analysis of James Joyce' class in college!"
by aleclair June 21, 2005
A major coffee chain that people obviously think is the devil's brew. Starbucks is apparently 'The Man' taking over the Earth.
Naysayer: "I hate Starbucks! It's turning America into mindless clones!"

Me: "Dude, get over it. It's just coffee. Let me drink my frappuchino in peace."
by Ariel September 14, 2004
Starbucks, also known as, crack for rich people.
Junkie 1: Dude, my drug dealer got shot yesterday. What am I going to do?
Junkie 2: Lets go to Starbucks and get a Mocha.
Junkie 1: No there's no way I could afford that.
Junkie 2: I guess you'll just have to stick to inhaling cans of computer Dust-off again.
by Tom February 20, 2005
a legal drug for white people
karen:hey susan do you want to get high
susan:sure why no t i just dropped the kids off to ballet
karen:i know this great place called starbucks
by briaW March 01, 2008
Despite what the "free thinkers" will tell you about how Starbucks is somehow going to take over the world (this isn't Austin Powers), their coffee is pretty good. I figured we would have learned our lesson from South Park.
Jilly: Starbucks is so dumb. Only sheep go there.
Billy: Yes, I'm sure sheep would probably enjoy the taste of good coffee as well.
by your moms hot lover October 11, 2005
A widespread corporation that makes coffee, i don't care if it is 'the mans' way of drinking coffee, its is delicious. Granted, i don't like their stylings, like the smooth jazz playing in every branch, or the artsy fartsy stuff on the walls, or the names like decaf white chocolate bold mocha latte with cream, and then the description is, a bold, intriguing beverage, but i just like the coffee
ex.1: some guy: dude, i can't believe you bought that £2 coffee from 'the corporation'
me: shut up and let me drink my coffee

ex.2: me: what is a java mocha latte?
clerk: it is an invigorating, intriguing, bold bevarage from the foothills of mexico
me: does it taste good?
clerk: uuuh i don't know

ex.3: preppy scenester: oh, i love the smooth jazz stylings and intriguing art of this place (sips coffee) oh, this coffe is so smooth
me: shut up and let me drink my coffee
by amatar August 15, 2005
A chain that sells coffee and other coffee based products.
I went to Starbucks and got coffee. Got a problem?
by Nick-O-Last September 26, 2006
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