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A woman, usually older than forty, who hangs around "her favorite" Starbucks location for the sole purpose of eying (and trying to flirt with) the younger hott boy Baristas. A cursory glance at her cell phone may often reveal the background photo to be a snapshot snuck of the boy Barista she is currently after.

Often is excessively engrossed in Tarot cards, palm reading, and various astronomy shit.
Dude 1: Whoa, Dude 2, look over there the other side of the Starbucks store!

Dude 2: Oh my god, is that woman flirting with that younger guy who's making her drink?

Dude 1: Totally looks like it! But look- she looks old enough to be his grandma!

Dude 2: What a Starbucks hag!
by K. Schulten March 19, 2009
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