When a friend ditches another for lunch giving a lame excuse, only to be found at starbucks having coffee with someone else.
Oh sh*t, JM completely Starbucked me the other day! He told me he had to have lunch with his mother, but I saw him at Starbucks with some young chick.
by confab July 07, 2011
Top Definition
This is a verb for when a city becomes inundated with multiple Starbucks locations in the same area of the city so as to ambush a city with Starbucks locations.
Damn,my city has been Starbucked,there are 3 locations less than 5 minutes from each other!
by Angela McCaskill July 26, 2008
The action when your Starbucks coffee spontaneously spurts out of the drinking hole onto your hand and down your clothing.
Bought an americano and as I walked along the street I was unexpectedly starbucked!
by urban decorator October 29, 2009
Paying twice the price and still feeling good about it.
1. Hey they didn't have that $20 shirt at the store anymore, so I Star Bucked it for $40 at another.

2. I lost the auction on Ebay so I Star Bucked it with a Buy It Now.
by HAMMAHOUSE July 18, 2009
Throwing a starbucks coffee at an annoying white girls face.
Tina kept on going on about John so I starbucked her.
by Jputt November 06, 2013
Upon entering a Starbucks coffee shop with a large unknown crowd in the order line, you immediately place you laptop and bag on the last table available and then get in line to place your order. These other patrons have been "Starbucked" by you.
Starbucked: Frank, man did I Starbuck a crew last night at the downtown shop! All five in line got their drinks turned toward the last table and felt the Starbuck!
by Cafe Bucked January 03, 2015
After the sex the girl totally relaxes all muscles and pisses all the Starbucks coffee she drank all over you and the bed.
I had sex with this girl and after cumming she totally relaxed all muscles in her body and she Starbucked me.
by Stan Kennedy November 07, 2007
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