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The action when your Starbucks coffee spontaneously spurts out of the drinking hole onto your hand and down your clothing.
Bought an americano and as I walked along the street I was unexpectedly starbucked!
by urban decorator October 29, 2009
This is a verb for when a city becomes inundated with multiple Starbucks locations in the same area of the city so as to ambush a city with Starbucks locations.
Damn,my city has been Starbucked,there are 3 locations less than 5 minutes from each other!
by Angela McCaskill July 26, 2008
When a friend ditches another for lunch giving a lame excuse, only to be found at starbucks having coffee with someone else.
Oh sh*t, JM completely Starbucked me the other day! He told me he had to have lunch with his mother, but I saw him at Starbucks with some young chick.
by confab July 07, 2011
Paying twice the price and still feeling good about it.
1. Hey they didn't have that $20 shirt at the store anymore, so I Star Bucked it for $40 at another.

2. I lost the auction on Ebay so I Star Bucked it with a Buy It Now.
by HAMMAHOUSE July 18, 2009
Throwing a starbucks coffee at an annoying white girls face.
Tina kept on going on about John so I starbucked her.
by Jputt November 06, 2013
After the sex the girl totally relaxes all muscles and pisses all the Starbucks coffee she drank all over you and the bed.
I had sex with this girl and after cumming she totally relaxed all muscles in her body and she Starbucked me.
by Stan Kennedy November 07, 2007