One who is obsessed with Star Wars, but is kindof a bitch about it.
Jason Marsden is a star-bitch. (he voiced chester on timmy turner and then stooped to voicing Rosh bagosh in star wars episode 6.5 rebellion of the sith) lol...
by Rosh bagosh December 14, 2011
Top Definition
n.: Someone who is addicted to, or can't get enough Starbucks Coffee.
"Braeden is such a starbitch, he gets a caramel machiato everyday."
by Zach Sullens September 12, 2007
The second player in Super Mario Galaxy that has to get all your star bits and hold off all the enemies for you.
"STAR BITCH! Get over here and get these star bits for me while i'm flying to this new planet!"
by Markee Mark May 22, 2008
Term coined by infamous 90's rapper K-SAM. According to his song "Star Bitch," "the definition of a star is a high-class freak."
Dennis Rodman's hos are star bitches.
by worshipful admirer December 13, 2005
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