A sci-fi triller about anakin,luc skywalker and some other sci-fi characters...like yoda or jaba hat...
I like jaba hat's hat...its soooogreeeeeeen... I like this film...sttaaar wars...star wars...
by AQ Hater July 19, 2006
Popular fantasy franchise masquerading as science fiction. Features archaic and unrealistic political structures (Monarchies, empires) for galaxy-spanning civilisations. Technology includes armoured vehicles that would get seriously pwned by 21st century human technology, spacecraft with hideously under-powered and and low-range weapons (Even WWII battleships fought at greater ranges!) Small arms no self-repecting soldier would be found dead with (Low powered blasters that fire 'laser' bolts that fly as fast as arrows, no decent kinetic weapons like assault rifles, railguns and gauss guns)
Completely unrealistic 'force' powers (Hence fantasy not sci-fi) Superweapons that have to be the size of small moons in order to destroy planets (Ever heard of anti-matter?) And basically an overall grip of the realities of science, sociology and biology (Humanoid aliens are present - Star Trek is the worse offender for this though) that's as shaky as his Holiness the Pope. And he's pretty shaky.
The Star Wars films are fun to watch, but don't fool yourself into thinking it's sci-fi.
by NoXion March 26, 2005
Little men in white suits, whacking their heads on doors.
Oh man I lurve the Star wars
by Matress_of_evil January 22, 2005
1. Star wars was the cause of men all over the nation to become celibate, not by coice. It is said that George Lucas began a monstrous crusade to discontinue the entire human race from reproducing, thus stopping the reproduction of mankind.

2. One of the things a boyfriend will love more than his girlfriend, etc boyfriend.

3. The dawning of all eternal hell fire.

1. Girl: Hey do you want to come over to my house tonight, my parents arent home?
Male: No, i have to bid on a limited edition luke sky walker light saber and re-arrange my miniature star wars 2 figurines.
Girl: I never knew you were a devout catholic!

2. Refer to example prior.

3. Over a hundred geeks/nerds/etc stood inline for the newest star wars movie causing the deterioration of the organic balance in carbon dioxide to grealy increase at that central position of all of the homosexual/chaste beings to greatly diminish the oxygen levels in the surrounding areas, George Lucas knew it all would happen.
by porch monkey for life January 11, 2007
A rip-off? How the hell are they similar? They both have their own places in history, and the sooner people quit fighting about their respective favorite stories, the sooner we can build a decent future!
Star Wars is but one path to enlightenment....others find it through Star Trek.
by Ignavius March 31, 2003
A wonderful epic story that has been ruined by two generations of hopeless losers for whom the line between fantasy and reality is irrevocably blurred. See also geek, social dysfunction, and too much free time.
Star Wars was cool until the freaks started dressing up and standing outside movie theaters for a month!
by The Reauxton April 12, 2004
A word that you utter from behind someone to see if they turn around. Those who turn around are prone to mocking.
"Star Wars! Haaa, ya looked! What a chump!"
by bastardized bottomburp June 22, 2003

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