Best Sci-Fi adventure movie to get baked to. The story is simple yet fun, and it is cool as balls to watch when burnin' a bowl.
Guy #1: I watched Star Wars last night and got super toasted!
Guy #2: Me too! Fuckin' Jawas man, they're so goofy!
by shoelessloons April 15, 2011
Beautiful trilogy made by a genius. It has inspired countless video games, books, and fan fiction. Those who have not seen the trilogy yet are sinners, and should repent by watching the movies. The prequels are not Star Wars. They are bastardizations of an excellent story. They don't even make sense. How does such a pussy become the badass that is Darth Vader?
If you like the prequels better than the originals, then you are twisted bastard that would make Hitler vomit! Shame on you George Lucas, how could kill your own work?!
by Karl Marx December 01, 2004
A very entertaining, but Star Trek coat-tail riding science fiction franchise that premiered in Spring 1977.
The original Star Wars films were the best.
by locutusofdouche February 17, 2010
the act of fingering a girl and/or getting a handjob. watching the movie star wars is not necessary
dude shane and his girl starwars'd last night in the basement
by J Mill May 17, 2007
movies that have become not only movies but a way of life

the new star wars movies have shattered the hearts of many long-time star wars fans (including myself)forever with its terrible acting and corny lines such as: Darth Vader:NNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darth Vader (Old Star Wars): I AM ur father!

Darth Vader (New Star Wars): NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
by adumb27 July 12, 2006
Star Wars is the shit.
"Have you ever seen the shit?"
-"Oh you mean Star Wars?"
-"I saw that shit last night! Its the shit!!"
by tempcorem August 17, 2006
A sci-fi triller about anakin,luc skywalker and some other sci-fi yoda or jaba hat...
I like jaba hat's hat...its soooogreeeeeeen... I like this film...sttaaar wars...
by AQ Hater July 19, 2006
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