The fantastic fantasy saga about the tradgedy of Darth Vader.
The villian who's really the victim.
Made by George Lucas. If you don't know any more about them, I suggest you have a Star Wars marathon and watch them all. Each one is amazing in their own way.
Quote Yoda-Star Wars:

'Do or do not... there is no try.'

'Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.'

'Pain, suffering, death I fear. Something terrible has happened, young Skywalker is in pain. Terrible pain!'
by Jedi Master Luna February 01, 2006
Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Iniative, a planned system during the cold war to prevent a nuclear attack on the United States. The system would have the ability to destroy a missle in the air before it hits Earth. That may sound good, but this program is a huge waste of money, especially after the cold war is over. Clinton made a choice to stop the system, but unfortunately Bush decided that it was necessary to make a few thousand Americans starve at the expense of a useless missle system that would be made even more useless if Bush stayed out of Iraq and ended the "war on terror" (aka War for Oil.)
A big waste of taxpayer's dollars.
by I_Start_Now May 16, 2005
the act of making out with another human being. but in code
hey, lets go watch some Star Wars ;)
by Mr.anonymously handsome January 02, 2011
Best set of movies on the entire history of film making. Set on a fictional universe.
Dude 1:Hey dude,remember that red dude from Star Wars...the guy with two right?
by Oh Hai I Buffed Your Floor September 25, 2010
Historical Event: The Space Race (sub-event of The Cold War); during the years after WW2, this began when "Sputnik" was launched by Russia. Hence, "Star Wars" because the Russians launched a star into the sky to blot out the sun and start an Ice Age (hence "The Cold War").
"Mommy, what is Star Wars?"
"Shut up."
by Bucket Life October 02, 2007
1970's ground breaking space epic later reduced to "Meesaa gonna die! Meesaa gonna die."
Star Wars would be great if it weren't for Jar Jar.
by starscream October 14, 2003
The GREATEST movie EVER made!!!! You got action, strategy, suspense, fighting, explosions, lightsabers, yoda, and a little incest! Wait thats not a good thing but still It's the best movie ever!!!
Hey gang let's go see Star Wars for the tenth time today!
by uncfan623 August 02, 2011
Best Sci-Fi adventure movie to get baked to. The story is simple yet fun, and it is cool as balls to watch when burnin' a bowl.
Guy #1: I watched Star Wars last night and got super toasted!
Guy #2: Me too! Fuckin' Jawas man, they're so goofy!
by shoelessloons April 15, 2011

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