From the old english meaning: Walks Bare Foot threw the stone garden

Also it is a brand name of an economy brand of screw drivers and other such hand tools

Derived for the Polish version of the name "Stanley" you get Variations including Stoshu, Stash, Stashu, and Stoshy.
Hey Stanley are those pierogies done yet?
by lordolaf February 04, 2010
The tornado in Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64 that sucks you up and throws you in the Hyrule Castle level.
Freakin Stanley sucked me up again...there goes another life....

by Vitamin_Kid February 26, 2009
Short for "Stanley knife".
"You flash cockney bastards - YOU KNOW STANLEY"? (quote from Football Factory)
by June 01, 2005
A code word for black people.
often used to make fun of them to their face without their knowledge.
Yo, that Stanley dropped his grape kool-aid all over his infant daughter named "Shawna" thats holding the KFC!!
by NotFareedHindawi March 26, 2011
Stanleys is a term to refer to a large group of Eminem fans Aka Stans. Eminem has denounced Stanleys in the past but Stanleys continue to label him the greatest rapper alive when Eminem has to keep reminding them that rap music was invented before 1999. Stanleys usually act gangster, but would get shreaded to pieces if they actually stepped into a real ghetto.
The Stanleys post on internet message board telling everyone how Eminem is better than your favorite black rapper by explaining in full detail and providing examples and comparisons.
by boozec October 13, 2009
scrub, cant dress, dirty
damn Ramon you lookin' straight stanley with them dirty jays on right now man.
by juan hancock May 28, 2009
A persistently annoying person. One who strives to succeed, and believes they will achieve success by being a douche.
Man, stop being a stanley, you're turning this party into a sausage fest.
by Dead Orchid January 04, 2011
Term used to describe someone who is a real tool.
"Jesus, why'd you have to bring that guy?"

"Seriously, Jen, he's a real friggin' stanley, ya know?"
by Ben63 May 18, 2006
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