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From the old english meaning: Walks Bare Foot threw the stone garden

Also it is a brand name of an economy brand of screw drivers and other such hand tools

Derived for the Polish version of the name "Stanley" you get Variations including Stoshu, Stash, Stashu, and Stoshy.
Hey Stanley are those pierogies done yet?
by lordolaf February 04, 2010
Stanley is a Island name. He's always cracking lame jokes. He's a guy you'll love to meet. He knows how to treat and look out or take care of family, best friends and people. He's smart with what he does and a bit weird. You can trust him with everything and he'll help you out as much as possible. He really don't know how to handle being in a relationship bcuz his excuse of being hurt in the past. He's Cocky but not Fat. He love to cuddle when he wants to. He always goes out with friends but never really remember when he suppose to do something w/someone he likes. He acts stupid in the funniest ways. He has Nappy Hair. You'll like him in the beginning but dislike in the end with his selfish ways. But Stanley is a good person!
Chyyy you seen stanley with them gator toe shoes on. He sholl think he's clean...
by Lulu85 January 25, 2012
The poorer and therefore shitter of the two main towns in Derwentside, County Durham. Consett, the more prosperous of the two areas was a shit-hole in the 60s, 70s and early 80s, however after the Steel works closed and money was re-invested in the area, it is now the Monte Carlo of Derwentside! Stanley on the other hand has a fine selection of boarded up shops, closed pubs and charity shops! It is frequented by neanderthols in chavy clothes and burberry baseball caps who will threaten you with minor violence if you look at them the wrong way but would actually shit a brick if you stood up to them!
Are you going to the market in Stanley today?

No thanks, I don't need any charity clothes!
by Johnny 2 Sheds June 05, 2009
1. Noun Under the term, 'Stanley', is a wide range of adjectives that depict the nature of -- a naive, young man. 'Stanley' is One that lacks intuitive and ambition to do productive activities; instead, a man of such relieves life by entertaining himself endlessly with video games, watching 'Scrubs', and getting lost with a Subway map...in which, he may end up in China.

2. Noun A common name for a squiggly line; infamous in doodles.

Plural: Stanleys.
by Tessalinne August 31, 2010
Name given by a man referring to his penis. From The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. Diceman referrs to his unit as 'Stanley, you know, like the power drill'
Guess who's coming over for a visit tonight?


by Bill Adama June 27, 2010
Only the Coolest Fucking house... EVER...
ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever

(on the Lawrenceville Campus)
1:Boy 1: Hey what house is that?
Boy 2: Oh that's Stanley.
Boy 3: Yeah, its the coolest fucking house ever.
2: Shouse is the wellknown battle cry of Stanley.
by pootybooty May 29, 2005
The tornado in Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64 that sucks you up and throws you in the Hyrule Castle level.
Freakin Stanley sucked me up again...there goes another life....

by Vitamin_Kid February 26, 2009