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The greatest filmmaker who ever lived, or at least one of them. The director and visionary behind such masterpieces as 2001: A Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange and Full Metal Jacket.
In the world of cinema, Stanley Kubrick is God
by Jules Carrozza April 08, 2004
To beat someone unconscious with a bust of a penis, and then proceed to sodomize them with a telescope.

It is essentially a sexual position - of course done consensually - that is a montage of Stanley Kubrick's movies.
Alex: Okay my droogies, now here was the lowdown...I met this fine yenta outside the Korova Milkbar, and I broke the fourth wall by Stanley Kubricking her.
by Cockdriller March 10, 2010
The most overrated film maker ever, ever.
French cinephile: I love Stanley Kubrick's films, all of them!
Human being: Your self inflated ego is the only thing in the world that can match his film, little to brag about.
by Riez October 18, 2007