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a leg that is stanky.
i tried to give her some head,but damn she had some Stanky leggs.
by Otis Joe March 04, 2009
A dance that men with big baggy pants do when they need to "air out" a fart.
"Ah! You doing the stanky legg? Because i feel a stanky legg coming on!"
by we-take-your-breath-away May 04, 2009
a dance that originated from girls moving their leg to fan out their "stanky" vagina
that girl doin tha stanky legg
by stankyyo1 March 24, 2009
A dance from Texas, that makes you look like a tard with a broken leg. Created by the gspot boyz.
Guy 1-What's up with that dude, did he get hurt?
Guy 2-Nah he thinks that he's dancing.
Dumb guy- Man this is the stanky legg dance, gspot boyz are the shit...
Guy 1 and Guy 2 leave.
by rooftop_ninja February 23, 2009
when a woman has a yeast infection and has to spread their legs so that it dose not itch
Soulja Boy has to do a Stanky Legg
by AdamTTTTTTTTTT June 26, 2011
v A dance originating in Texas. Generally regarded by intelligent people to be the stupidest thing to come out of the state in recent memory.
Man 1: "My leg smells kinda funky."
Man 2: "I know a way you can fix that. DO DA STANKY LEGG!
Man 1: "Yeah...or you know, I could just shower too."
by Voorhees, J. April 12, 2009
Leg that is stinky because the circulation has been cut off from getting shanked/broken and its partially rotting off so it's all stanky when you dance, it just drags across the floor.
-YO!!! Pablo got his leg broken!
-He's still dancin though
-YEAHHH with his stanky legg, to the Stanky Legg song!
by TheGia May 15, 2009