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A very attractive and skilled YouTuber. He has blonde hair and a smile that makes girls fall to the floor and die. He also has an adorable laugh.
Person 1: StandardTristan is so cute, and I love his videos!

Person 2: I know, right? I bet he'd be good in bed.
#standardtristan #standard #tristan #sexy #hipster #youtube #youtuber #die
by Kiley<3 March 28, 2010
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The most hottest, funniest , standard , and best youtuber in the world! Often gets comments on how perfect his teeth are, and likes to make fun of hipsters and triangles! He is also impossible not to love!
fan- OMG standardtristan ! your teeth are amazing!

standardtristan- thanks
#funny #standard #non-hipster #very sexii #very very sexii
by totsmaggots March 23, 2010
500th Pokemon; The name of a penguin's elbow; a person with pretty eyes; a lover of fishies; meow.
"Eww...look at that penguin's standardtristan.."

"Woah..That person must be a standardtristan!"

''That guy looks like he fancies fishies, he must be a standardtristan"
#tristan #standardtristan #fishies #penguins #meow
by Laurennnnnnnnnnn:) March 19, 2010
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