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A bag of herion in powder form.
My dealer hooked me down, I got this stamp bag for only $10. Sweet deal.
by Matt November 12, 2003
34 35
A bag of heroin. This bag is usually small, the size of a stamp. The name comes from the fact that there is a "brand" stamped on the bag. This bag will contain powder heroin for one dose.
I bought a stamp bag today with "Sour Diesel" printed on it.
by halo fourteen May 19, 2006
88 40
bags used to sell heroin in. they are waxed so the heroin powder does not stick to the bag. they are sold legitimately to stamp collectors to keep collectable stamps in.
i just copped a bundle of stamp bags.
by pasquale poo November 20, 2007
40 27
heroin, in the little wax bags it comes in
"they went to manchester to cop those stampbags"
by amanda hug n kiss September 02, 2003
8 0