A half urban, half suburban city in Connecticut. The school systems suck, there's nothing to do, and downtown is a joke. The ghetto kids think they're hardcore and the rich North Stamford kids are uptight kids who wear highwaters. The beaches are infested with dead babies and syringes, and there are no good restaurants. Doesn't compare with Greenwich or New Canaan.
"I'm from Stamford."

"Oh. You must be gay and must suck a lot. Oh wait, I wouldn't know because I've never heard of Stamford considering it's not a real city."
by Anonymous April 19, 2005
Top Definition
I love how people bash Stamford,CT for being a "ghetto" and having lots of diversity. I wonder how Stamford compares to Greenwich when it comes down to kids being raised by nannies because their mothers are to busy getting drunk at Greenwich Country Club. I don't think to much of that goes on in Stamford because unfortunately for us, there is no country club, DARNIT! Yea, our public schools are rough, but we make it through, and we're better people for it. Greenwich HIgh is a joke! The same goes for Darien High, New Canaan High, and all those other surrounding towns who love to "Stamford and Norwalk Bash" because we have some diviersity. Atleast we're not narrow minded rich kids with nothing better to do then sit around, get drunk, and buy some cocaine with our allowance that Dad gave us on Sunday after church.
Stamford,CT Kid #1 "Lets drive down Greenwich Avenue and laugh at all the losers standing outside Starbucks."
Stamford, CT Kid #2 "Sounds like a plan."
by Torri September 26, 2005
Good ol' Stamford
Need a break from the 99% white towns like new canaan and greenwitch then go chill in downtown stamford. but since the fairly small city with very low crime rate is half urban and half suburban you can always drive to north stamford to see the big houses and forrest that lines the roads. Stamford has a good night life Great resturants and w/ new clubs like the thirsty turtle along with 24 hour diners you never have to go home. We have a decent mall and amazing target. Public schools do suck but we produce some badass baskeball and basketball players. Overall its a great diverse city in fairfield county
Someone gets the crap beat out of them friday night outside the downtown mcdonalds
At the same time the preppy kids are in north stamford getting drunk and the badass ones are hitting mailboxes with their baseball bats that they will also use the next day to hit homeruns
by stamford22 April 21, 2005
Stamford is overrated. Yeah, low crime and all, but there's no affordable housing for sale, traffic is horrendous, Metro-North fees keep going up, public school kids are stupid, downtown is a concrete jungle... I do love the beaches - you can sit down on the sand, close your eyes and listen to the Hondurans playing their Spanish music. Almost feels like you're in the Caribbean. Then take a swim, read a book and start the journey home, still smelling the salt air as you cruise down Shippan Avenue. Man, you was wrong. Stamford's the shit! You've got the mall, the library, the new Target and low crime! And diversity! And the library has a Starbucks. I'm sold.
Q: "So, where are you from?"
A: "I'm from Stamford."
Q: "So what's it like living in California?"
A: "No you fucknut. I said Stamford, not University of Beijing at Palo Alto."
Q: "I don't get it."
by Nutmegger April 01, 2005
All of you who think your too good for the people in Stamford dont judge them without looking in the mirror! I mean all you white kids act like your so ghetto listening to your rap, and act like you know what it means! By the way who ever wrote about Stamford folk looking at houses in greenwich and new caanan, NEWS FLASH without your parents money you'd be living in a cardboard box!
Rich People more power to you with your success. Rich Kids of Rich People try to work at least one day in your life!!!
by that sucks August 23, 2005
the best city in connecticut. the place where you shouldnt tell us that your from greenwich. The place with your clubs and mall are at. Get some good food for actually decent prices here. But im tellin you now money lovers....this place isnt covered in gold
i was in Stamford, CT last night hangin out wit my friends havin a great time at the mall and the clubs
by russenator December 08, 2010
The "most ghetto" part of CT. It is a half urban, half suburban city where 80% of the people are black or Hispanic. The other 20% of the people are Italian, Polish, or Indian. All the white people are wiggers. The teenagers are the worst part. They act like they are so poor and live in the most dangerous city in the world. Well those people are idiots live in C-O-N-N-E-C-T-I-C-U-T. There is no "ghetto" when it comes to CT. Stamford is also a low-crime city, but the dumbass teenagers try to make you think different. Nowadays they attempt to make it dangerous. All the girls are sluts, starting at age 11 when they haven't even began puberty. Now all middle schoolers want to be "badass" so they smoke, drink, and do drugs. They make fun of their neighboring towns, Greenwich, and Darien, for drugs when they do the exact same fucking thing. Now, what they wear. All the girls buy shit from the mall and pretend they can't afford most stuff there. Everyone wears Jordan's and Nike's. Let's just conclude that the teenagers/preteens are shitheads. Now, what is there to do? All the shitheads go to the mall five times a week doing nothing and during the summer they go to the disgusting polluted beach. There is literally shit coming from people in there. Conclusion: Stamford's people fucked up, but the city is not so bad.
Greenwich kid: : Let's go to the Stamford, CT mall and buy some clothes from Abercrombie!

Darien kid: Yeah let's go! We will be the only one's buying things in there though. All the Stamford shitheads can't afford it because they are poor!

Stamford kid: b!tch yuuu $t00p!d @$$ cUnt!!!! i w!ll be@t y0 a$$ wit mah bitchz on mah side. iightt? wh0 yuu tinkk yuu rrrr s@y!N d@t sh!t. yu r!ch a$$ sn0b b!tch i w!ll fuCK yu up!!
by Stamford sucks. August 09, 2011
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