Stall Waiting occurs when two women who are pee shy occupy adjacent stalls. They can't empty their bladderswhen anyone is nearby because it makes a noise when they urinate into the toilet. So they wait until one gives up still with a painfully full bladder and leaves. If there are no other persons in the Ladies Room, the woman who is still in the stall is able to pee after holding her bladder for all day at work. It was 3 p.m. She last peed at 7 a.m.
My girl friend Joan hates Stall Waiting. She can't pee in a a private stall when there are lines of women waiting for each toilet in a crowded rest stop Ladies Room. When she got back in the car, she cried. I asked her what was wrong. She reminded me that we started out 6 hours ago. This is the second time she couldn't pee. Her bladder was bulging painfully. That turned me on.

It also happens with guys. There is a sophmore nearby in our dorm at the university who stands at the urinal every morning and can't pee a drop and relieve his pee full morning bladder. He has a bad case of paruresis.
by IvyLeague19 April 02, 2010
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When you realize that you and your neighbor have
finished using the bathroom at the same time so you delay exiting the stall a few seconds to avoid
any uncomfortable eye contact or "excuse me"s while leaving the stall.
Wait period is usually until the person reaches the buffer zone of
the sink, where all normal social etiquettes are re-activated.
"Hmm...Bob and I just flushed at the same time. I better wait a few seconds so I don't run into him."
by Mark Nemec August 06, 2004
The near certainty that if you don't stand right outside the only stall in the bathroom, waiting for its occupant to finish, someone will slip in ahead of you once it's vacated. This is exacerbated by the equal certainty that your date will conclude you've slipped out the back door of the restaurant if you don't return to the table immediately and explain what's happening. It's a good reason to take a cell phone to the bathroom.
So this guy is taking forever to leave the stall, two other people are lined up outside the men's room, and my date calls my cell phone to say she's sure I have commitment issues. I tell her I'm on stall waiting, and I'll be back just as soon as possible.
by bglassman April 07, 2010

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