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Somewhat akin to the psychological phenomena seen in hostages, where the hostage develops and emotional attachment to the hostage-taker, known as "Stockholm Syndrome" coined in 1973 after it was seen in bank robbery hostages in Stockholm, Sweden, except, in cases of "Stalkholm Syndrome" the individual being stalked forms a similar attachment to their stalker.
Josh: "What's wrong?"
Jennifer: "Its just that ever since Matt went to jail for violating the restraining order, I kinda miss the constant texts/phone calls and watching him lurk outside in the bushes."

Marilyn was diagnosed with Stalkholm Syndrome by her psychologist, Dr. Spanks, because "normal dating", to Marilyn, usually consisted of a man stalking her for a few months and then eventually becoming her boyfriend.
by C. Giles June 24, 2009
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