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A person, typically female, who accuses everyone she meets as being a "stalker". The official definition of "stalker" is completely rewritten by this individual, who blindly rejects the seriousness of such accusations, to the point where she will accuse a person of being a stalker simply because they walked into the same restaurant. The person has a complete disregard for the potentially disastrous effect such slander may cause to others. Quite often, the Stalker-fake suffers from serious paranoia, psychosis, and/or dementia and should seek professional help immediately.
Stalker-fake: "Oh my god! Today this stalker followed me into the mall and then I saw him in his car later on that day."

Anyone willing to listen: "Really? Was his car following you?"

Stalker-fake: "Well, for a bit he was driving a few cars behind me, but then he turned down another road."

Anyone willing to listen: "Have you since him since?"

Stalker-fake: "No, but I bet he's been following me to work."

by TertiaryColors March 27, 2009
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