A song that is on your iPod, that you don't actually like that much. When your music is on shuffle, it always pops up and plays; as if it's a stalker.
Man, I was listening to my iPod and that Jonas Brother song kept playing. I really need to delete it from my playlist. It's such a stalker song.
by yellowkiss July 11, 2010
Top Definition
A song that you don't particularly like but "follows" you and plays everywhere you go.
"Dude, don't you like that song 'Boom Boom Pow'?"
"No, that's my stalker song."
by John_Robinson August 20, 2009
Stalker Song Is Drake's song "Hold on we're going home" in one of the lyrics he says "I got my eyes on you"
Kid: Drake's song is the stalker song
Friend: Which one m8
Kid: "Hold On We're Going Home"
by SubMachineFrost January 19, 2016
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