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Someone who has several stalkees. If two or more stalk whores rally their resources they can create Stalk Teams, in which they would share information on each of their stalkees. Codenames are introduced to communicate secretly about their stalkees whilst in the open. However these Codenames are not used when they are in "isolation".

A stalk whore will generally split his or her resources between each of their stalkees although some stalkees (who may be a faveourite of the stalk whore) require more time and effort. In this cases more time would be taken to create StalkTables and more concentration on holding Stalk Stares.

More often than not, as goes by Stalk Code, a stalk whore would appear a very normal person to everyone else. Only those in their stalk team would know the truth about their habbits.
Omg, you have three stalkees. You Stalk Whore!

Kim is such a stalk whore, she stalks at least 4 different guys, although i know who her favourite it. I might Stalk Steal him!
by Los Blacksmith-os December 08, 2009
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