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1. No good Pussy

2. Fat girl pussy

3. Vagina that smells and tastes like dead fish

4. Expired Pune

5. Crusty Snatch
1. The loose bitches. spitter vagina - "those loose bitches have stale vaginas"

2. A typical fat girl that looks 8 months pregnant - "that fat girl has a stale vagina"

3. A general lack of vaginal hygiene - "that bitch has a general lack of hygiene and therefore has a stale vagina"

4. Old dusty pussy thats like sticking your tongue in a moldy donut - "that pussy is so old and dusty it's gotten stale'

5. Foodstuff still evident on vaginal area . sometimes can be crusty pussy juice - "this food around your vaginal area miss, means you have a stale vagina"
by Gregssmallpenis December 31, 2009