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A peaceful and ridiculous rebellion designed to flaunt the Stairwellian's individuality to any authority figures present, by employing ties, magic markers, and large quantities of newspaper hats.

When the Stairwellians are dissatisfied with their current situation (and this can range from eviction notices to monotony) they will rebel. This is referred to as a 'Stairwellian Rebellian'. In which a massing of Stairwellians and Stairwellian sympathizers gather. Newspaper hats are provided, toting various messages such as 'Fight the System', 'Viva La Revolution!' or 'A plague on both your houses!' Other markings on the hats may include paper feathers, usually worn by the ringleaders of the rebellion. These feathers are a special honor and dignify respect from all.

Among the Stairwellian Sympathizers are many of the staff members, who both respect and enjoy the company of these refreshing minors. However this can not be said of all the staff, as some choose to view them as delinquents, and will attempt to usurp their habitat at every available opportunity.

Please note the spelling of Rebellian has been changed to match the word spelling of Stairwellian
Grab your hats ladies and gentlemen, its another Stairwellian Rebellian
by CrimsonBlood March 06, 2005
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