girl - one who leaves a stain on my sheet. Sex partner.
She's my main stain.
by chas November 24, 2003
stupid ass muthafucka that has no direction in life it self so a no good shiftless nigga that gave up on life
stain stupid nigga
by shit and shackles July 10, 2008
someone who is AWFUL, or stainful - something that is a stain, or staining - acting like a stain
this dude is staining my life or that exam was stainful or Why is that kid such a stain?
by bieg and court May 07, 2003
Another name for a birthmark.
Fucking cock balls man. Check out the stain on McGarnicle's neck.
by electric john January 04, 2006
A crazy, completely out of control bad mother fucker. One who pushes the limits while still fooling authoritary figures that he is still a saint. Stives to be like Prateek.
Stains is one bad mother fucker!
by Webster April 08, 2003
N. A person, drunk or otherwise, that corners you and talks your ear off.
V. To talk someone's ear off without their consent.
Origin: Athens, Georgia
I didn't even get to talk to anyone last night because Amy stained me.
by Amy Randolph January 16, 2009
A person who makes bad plays in proffessional card events.
That kid Kevin is such a stain.
by Wade December 14, 2003
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