A somewhat attractive young woman with above average "junk in the trunk" who inadvertently walks in such a manner that allows her male coworkers to discover stains on her undergarmets, most likely caused by a partial "wedgie" which has absorbed vaginal discharge. Although the size of the stains are somewhat debatable, they are undeniable.
Daniel invited "Stains" back to his "crib" so he could inspect the "meat curtain".
by Darrin Pulver December 20, 2004
To stain a girl. To fuck a girl. You fucked her so good you left yo mark in her life--A STAiN.
DamN i Just StaiNed, Im FiN2 StaiN.
by 95kirina95 March 28, 2009
To stain yourself on another: To make an ass of yourself, under the influence of alcohol, to someone less drunk than you.

"Oh man, Ed was staining himself all over Kelly last night"
by chrisdizzle October 20, 2005
noun. A person, place, situation, or anything that exists, but you wish it didn't.

verb. To bother unrelentingly

adjective. see stainful
Man, my job is such a stain!
Dude, this girl is staining my ear!
This play is stainful!
by BMcP July 15, 2005
Credit given to a Blood member for carrying out a murder or other offense for a superior.
RaRa just got his stain for capping that crip
by 4031ocpo December 24, 2008
synonomous with marijuana. Originally coined by Jay-Z
All the stain in my membrane.
by Tim Doheny February 25, 2004
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