1. a person, place, or object which has caused annoyance or embarrassment
2. a part of the psychic apparatus that experiences and reacts to the outside world and thus mediates experiences of discomfort, hardship, or embarrassment, most commonly through alcohol

1. to take advantage
Those guys were stains.
I drank fifteen beers last night; my stain is huge right now.
I stained that girl out last night.
by snacksythekid January 17, 2010
Stain - noun

1. To be highly known and popular.

(Not to be confused with swag or swagger...)
Example 1:

Lisa: I was at the mall and everybody from them other high schools knew me and I didn't even know them!

Tonya: Damn. You must have hella stain.

Example 2:

Joseph: I got 55, 383 friends on Facebook, 22, 989 friends on Myspace, and 801, 116 followers on Twitter.

Xavier: You got that stain, bruh.
by LMAOProductionz February 27, 2010
To Have Stain is to be very popular
and known throughout your state.
When you have stain, its very rare that someone
will see you anywhere and not know you.
People USUALLY get stain from myspace/schools.

did you see keyshia trynna fucc wid jordan ?
hell yeah, that bitch trynna qet stain.
by cheyali January 30, 2009
Another word used for weed.
Man, he gave us a real nice chunk of stains this time.
by Venj February 21, 2007
Some one who is very greasy and resembles a stain inside of one's underwear.

They are sneaky and someone you wouldn't trust or want to touch.
They usually look like they don't shower and smell bad.
"Oh man do you see that kid, he looks so greasy."
"Yeah he definitely is a stain."
by iamnotahore November 27, 2011
1 (Noun): A mark on clothing/material etc whcih is very difficult/impossible to remove.

2 Somebody who is just always there and won't go away; is often well known for being around your area and can't be gotten rid of. Most of what they do annoys one.
"I can't get this stain out of my cloths"

"I Stain would go away".
by Nick Nick Nickles 1234567890 April 12, 2011
To stain a girl. To fuck a girl. You fucked her so good you left yo mark in her life--A STAiN.
DamN i Just StaiNed, Im FiN2 StaiN.
by 95kirina95 March 28, 2009

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