A somewhat attractive young woman with above average "junk in the trunk" who inadvertently walks in such a manner that allows her male coworkers to discover stains on her undergarmets, most likely caused by a partial "wedgie" which has absorbed vaginal discharge. Although the size of the stains are somewhat debatable, they are undeniable.
Daniel invited "Stains" back to his "crib" so he could inspect the "meat curtain".
by Darrin Pulver December 20, 2004
Top Definition
Rob someone, usually for drugs.
I just hit a stain on them fufu ass niggas.
by 064 December 19, 2012
To come up, rob someone
MAN 1: I just came up!
Man 2: You stained dude didn't you!
by KingLloyd December 05, 2005
A person in your life you can't get rid of or deny knowing. Other aspects of your life are fine, but there lies a big old reminder and someone is always pointing it out. Every time you look at him/her, you wish your life was stain-free.
My sister-in-law is a stain.
by K April 08, 2004
a name given to a pet dog just so when it gets loose you can scream "come stain"
damn dog jumped the fence again, i'll get him, "come stain"!
by barkeep77 July 10, 2010
essentially calling someone a shit stain. a worthless person.
stainy: someone who is shitty, neglectful or bad
noone wants a stainy barn cause that would be cuts
by Platy January 05, 2004
To have sex with someone. Used mostly by the African American race.
"Fam, I was bout to stain this bitch and my fuckin wifey called me!"
by Ron Dube December 13, 2006
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