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To have the most incomprehensible bad luck imaginable. When things go wrong that you didn’t even know existed.
Man, I got totally Stahl'ed last week on the way to my interview: My dog ran off with my resume, moth's ate holes in my suit, my glasses broke and I had to tape my glasses together, and my car wouldn't start.
by Keats February 19, 2004

def1. The act of cock blocking, or stopping a player from getting laid.
def2 The act of stopping of butting into a players conversation with a woman in such a was as to sink the conversation preventing the player from getting laid.
def3 The act of player hating in general.
def4 Intentionaly disrupting a players moves, for what ever reason whatsover.
example 1 Vanessa, was busting a sweat move in her attempt to pick up on Jason, when David stepped in and stahled her.
example 2. My attempt to hook up with Janet was stahled by David.
by JakerRivers November 07, 2009

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