The high school that "10 Things I Hate About You" was filmed at, in the movie it was named "Padua" high school. Originates in Tacoma, Washington. Stadium High School, home of the Tigers! Coolest high school in the whole world. The brown castle.
Me: "Have you seen '10 Things I Hate About You'"?
Others: "Yea I love that movie!"
Me: "Well you know the school in the movie?"
Others: "Yea..."
Me: "I go there, Stadium High School"
Others: "No fucking way!!!"
by Jordan McD [Tigers] July 10, 2008
Top Definition
Stadium or 'No Dome' is when a girl refuses to give you head no matter how hard to you try and get some.
I brought that bitch home but she went straight up stadium on me and left me with nothing but a ham shandy.
by K Dobber August 14, 2007
stadia is a common genital disease, the gene is carried by the male and if he has intercourse with a vulnerable female she may catch the disease,

symptoms include herpes, abnormal discolouration, cramps, uncontrollable singular muscle relaxtaion (commonly the left labi), uncontrollable spasms emmitin a foul odours, weekly convulsions expelling a mixture of puss and vaginal fluids,

there is no known cure however abdominal massages are believed to relieve the pain, may cause "fanny farts"
daughter: i have stadia
mother: thats ok hun, i had it too just dont have a child, it will turn our like you.
by banjo? September 21, 2008
The ultimate in cool. Commonly used when referring to a live music event.
Bro, that gig we played last night was so stadium!
by BstGuitrstInMyRm April 26, 2006
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