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A southside Chicago high school made up of scuzzy less than intelligent men. It is an all boys school were constant rumor of homosexualiy is aloft. They have seen success on certain athletic fields, but there is no doubt that they bark is much worse than their bite. Due to their "southside" mentality, they seem to believe they can whoop anyone, anywhere, anytime. Yet, they don't realize that they are not badass just because of a location. They are the typical guys at a party who drink way more than they can handle, while announcing every drink they take so as to make it seem as though they are tanks, but ultimately end up kissing toilet seat all night if they are able/smart enough to get to a bathroom. They lack the general common sense possessed by most human beings and are instead replaced with stupid animal superiority issues.
St. Rita guy 1 "Whatd you do today?"
Rita guy 2"I beat my mom"
Rita guy 1"So southside"
by smutgremlin2 July 16, 2008
A shitty school located in asshole of the southside Chicago, known for their scumbags who think they are hot shit by going around to parties and stealing and breaking stuff, even though it is obvious noone likes them at their parties. So, they walk around with another dudes dong on one side of the inside of their mouth and dip in the other side. Although they believe their shit don't stink, they would never engage in a fight by themselves because, well, that's just not douchebag or logical enough for them. So instead, they walk around in large groups and jump at the chance to start a fight so they can quickly jump by the largest, usually dumbest, of them all and lick his butthole until he gets aroused enough to fight for them. So, all in all, if your looking for a low end, shitty school where you are recommended to walk around with your shank, then St. Rita is the place for you! "Gooooo Ritaaaa. Right In The Ass!!"
Douchebag 1: Hey Bro, guess what?! I just finished a 75-page book today! My hand is killing me though from all the coloring.
Douchebag 2: I'm so proud of you man. I would lick your asshole right now and ask you to fight some other pussies but I just finished breaking into my Grandma's house and smashing all her shit so i'm a little tired.
Douchebag 1: St. Rita would be proud. Fuckin Mustangs man!
Douchebag 2: Community College!! Alrite!
by goooo mustangsss October 11, 2010
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