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a prison located in Clarksville, MD. known for penguins taking control, disgusting uniforms (not to mention retarded uniforms socks) and making us walk in the halls like we have chains connecting our ankles to the person in front of us. the cyo teams rock, cuz we're number one, but other than that, it's a crappy, small Cathoic school with uniforms, no lockers, no daily lunches sold, and not enough room to go around. the school does not provide us with extra classes, such as cooking, dancing, sewing, etc. we have no electives, such as woodshop or tech ed. the school is so poor that it has to have one room to serve as the gym/bball court, cafeteria, and auditorium. in the phis. ed. program there is nothing but playing games, and provides nobody that comes out of our school with any physical fittness. but just so they can't be blamed for any students growing up and becoming way too overweight, they decided to give us extra thin fat free pretzels with our hot lunches instead of chips. nor do they serve us juice anymore, as if that juice was any good. every year the current eight grade does something wrong, and then the next year the whole school pays, while that crime-committing class goes off to highschool, leaving everyone else to suffer. example: a few years ago the eigth graders wouldn't stop rolling up their uniform skirts, now our skirts are kilts. and since Penguin (VP) is an ankle sock natzi, when the eigth grade refused to stop wearing ankle socks, SLS socks were made. we learn math that can't be used, and we have teachers that don't speak english. if given the choice, run away from home before coming to st. louis.
St. Louis School is a place that nobody should ever go under free will.
by rolipolio October 12, 2005
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