A school which completely and utterly saved me from the horrors of South East London's education system.

The community feeling is like nothing I've ever known; sometimes I feel that the pupils there don't appreciate it as much as they could do - they should try my old school, then they'd realise how bloody lucky they are!

Place where I reached the limits of my academic potential, which is more than I can say for my past experiences.
Comparisons to my old school :

St Joseph's - acres of space to play competitive sports. Old school - a small park to run around the outside of (which was across a busy road).

St Joseph's - teachers who can speak English to a high standard. Old school - Among others, a black Nigerian teacher who's own name could'nt be disyphered by her class let alone the Science lesson!

St.Joseph's - pupils who hold doors open for each other and had have good general discipline in comparison to other places. Old school - ok...I saw a black year 10 kid get arrested in the school canteen for whacking a boy from another school over the head with a hammer at a bus stop; need I say more?
by britishandworried January 29, 2005
Top Definition
Possibly one of the most boring towns in south-west Michigan. Populated by mostly rich people looking to settle down and have kids, the kids are usually stoners since there is nothing else to do in St. Hoe.
Kid 1: Hey, where are you from?
Kid 2: St. Joseph..
Kid 1: Oh, Got any ganja?
by JohnsFesteringTesticle March 30, 2010
A town in Missouri filled with scary looking people. Some of them may look a little weary, but don't fret some them are normal like us.
Jane: "I grew up in St. Joseph."
Jack: "Are you sure your normal?"
by asdfqwertttt August 26, 2009
An amazing little town in south west Michigan. Couldn't ask for much more!
Let's go to St. Joseph and eat at the Establishment
by sssk88 July 10, 2008
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