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A private school in Houston, Texas. That is very good and challenging to get into. Besides being very intelligent the kids there tend to be exceptional at Field Hockey, Lacrosse and many other things.
Did you hear St. John's School won the Souther Prepatory Conference for field hockey this year?
by sjs2010 October 03, 2010
a school full of scruffs and pikeys who think there big and hard. they all lose their virginity in year 7 and most of the girls have an STD. every girl where's shorts that dont cover half of theie arse and are mostly the biggest slags in the county. most of the students are on crack and will probably be dead before they get to the age of 25.
'lad hew, wanna go tenners in on a bag of skunk when we get out of st johns school?'
'wellai lad, 2k10+3 BUZZIN HEW''
by pikey john December 30, 2012
a no good bias school that hates everyone and talks bullshit all the time
St.John's school headmaster: U Cant come to our school because u r black
by St.John's student November 07, 2010
A school in Houston for the kids that do nothing except for study. They are good at books and lacrosse, but as far as every other sport, Episcopal kicks their ass. Their quarterback, Lawson Gow, cried during the Episcopal versus SJS game this year and it was almost difficult to watch. The kids at here are nerdy, ugly, and the epitome of losers. Sometime, maybe, someone will teach the bitches a thing or too about being cool.
St. John's School Dance...
SJS Guy- Dude...check out that chick
other SJS Douche- the one with the head gear?
SJS Guy- yeah her she's hot!
other SJS Douche- yah i'd "tap that" LAUGH OUT LOUD...*snorting*
by ehs bra December 06, 2006
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