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By far the most under rated album ever. Many people claim that Metallica sold out because they tried a different style. But I say to these people, listen to Kill Em' All, then listen Ride The Lightning. There is a definite difference between the two albums. Metallica has always been known to change their styles with each album. And that's a good thing. Bands need to evolve. If they sound exactly the same on every album, what's the point of owning every album. Metallica has never sold out with any album. Any true fan of Metallica would know this.
Person: Have you heard the last Metallica album St. Anger. I am a die hard fan of Metallica but this album sucks.
Me:Why did it suck.
Person: Because it was different from their other albums.
Me: And... Did Black Album sound anything like Kill Em' All.
Person: No...
Me: Tell me. If every album sounds the same what's the point of owning them all. I suggest you listen and actually try to like St Anger.
by Okita-Kun June 05, 2005
38 43
Someone who owns a Ford Mustang, which is commonly called a 'Stang.
Every Stanger worth their salt knows that the Mustang is available in special editions such as the Mach 1, Bullit, GT and Cobra. Carroll Shelby (car-roll?) and Steven Saleen (definitely worth his salt) are the top Mustang tuners. Jack Roush and Bobby Brown are up their as well.
by Mike Bozdog June 23, 2006
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Dude, I need to take a St. Anger.

A what?

O I mean a shit.
by Spencaaaaaaaaaaa September 01, 2009
33 16
Nu-metal with a faint wiff of Metallica in it. Sounds like it could have been so much better, but no matter what monseiur "critical thinker" says, it is still Metallica's worst album. I hate it. I shall beat it with my hating stick and boycott it, in hopes that other classic metal bands don't go in this direction, and that Hetfield claims some rip-off band sung it while they were busy making a kick-ass album, which they will release and trade for a returned copy of st. anger, which they shall burn.
Good Metallica lyric, not found on St. Anger-

What I’ve felt
What I’ve known
Never shined through in what I’ve shown
Never be
Never see
Won’t see what might have been

bad metallica lyric- found on st. anger

I feel my world shake
Like an earthquake
Hard to see clear
Is it me
Or is it fear?

I'm madly in anger with you 2x

St. Anger round my neck
St. Anger round my neck
He never gets respect
St. Anger round my neck
by Gumba Gumba April 12, 2004
47 33
A pretty damn decent album from metallica. Some hate it, some like it, I LOVE IT.

Recommended songs of this album include Frantic, All within my hands, Invisible Kid, Purify, Dirty Window, and Shoot me again.

One disadvantage would the loss of guitar solos. It cannot be made up for in some cases, however, I find it decent to listen to, especially when life's rough and you want to get the fuck out.
"I look in my window and see it's gone wrong,
Court is in session and i slam my gavel down!"

~Dirty window, St. Anger
by Angered forever more January 13, 2010
24 12
the latest album by metallica

metallica attempted to put the modern metal (such as nu-metal) together with traditional heavy metal...which did not work out very well.

Metallica said they'd bring back their old stuff! BS!

"st. anger is their shittiest album yet!"

"ahh shutup!"
by wonton June 08, 2004
30 18
Metallica's 8th studio album, recorded without the band's bassist (bassist Jason Newsted left prior to the recording), producer Bob Rock, who also produced all of Metallica's albums from their 91 self-titled album played bass, as well as co-wrote all of the album.

St.Anger was self lauded by Metallica to be "a return to their roots", while in fact this album is a somewhat lazy attempt at hopping on the nu-metal trend.

Many key basic musical elements any album requires are missing in this album, such as : proper production, balance, a vocalist who sings in key, drums which don't sound like tin cans etc..

Riding on the tsunami of success Metallica experienced during the 90s, this album started as the fastest selling Metallica album, but backlash from the utter horror this album is to listen to eventually led it to become their worst selling.

St. anger was a huge flop for Metallica. In fact, it was such a flop that by the middle of the supporting tour for st. anger Metallica played less than 5 st. anger songs on each set. By the end of the tour they were playing only one or two, heavily modified version of the original st. anger songs.

St. Anger means more than just a sellout, it means a sellout done bad, very very bad.

St. Anger is considered a flop not just within the Metallica fanbase and the world of rock/metal music, but it is considered a synonym and the epitome of a flop and self-parody.

See : spinal tap
guy #1 : Dude, did you hear the new Cryptopsy album? that shit is horrible!

guy #2 : yeah they totally pulled a st.anger on us


see other st.anger-esque albums :

Celtic Frost - Cold Lake
Megadeth - Risk
Cryptopsy - The Unspoken king


Windows ME is sooo st. anger
by munchlord April 24, 2008
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St. Anger is Metallica's eighth full-length studio album. The album was to be released on June 10, 2003, but because of fears of extended music piracy over filesharing networks, St. Anger was released 5 days earlier on June 5, 2003.

Six years elapsed between the release of the band's previous studio album, Reload, and the recording of St. Anger, which began in 2002. Many factors contributed to this delay, the two most important being the departure of bassist Jason Newsted, and vocalist/guitarist James Hetfield's several months in rehab.
Metallica Still has it in em, listen to St.Anger
by Dallasp April 10, 2006
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