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St. Pauls School in Maryland is a magical place where the teachers all came from hell. A lot of the students hate it there, because anyone who doesn't wear exactly what everyone else does gets ridiculed. Most of these kids don't get beat up because the other people know that the "weird" kids could turn their asses into whipped cream. The dress code is designed to keep kids from thinking independantly, you have to wear a shirt and tie and either wear a buzzcut or a bowl. The kids on sports teams claim that they are so much better than everyone else, but most of them would sell thier "bff" for a nickel. Especially a shiny one.
SP Kid: Hey, that kids wearing black... lets kick his ass!!!
*five minutes later, all the jocks are impaled on pikes, most of them partially disemboweled, some on their knees begging for mercy from the kids they once fags, geeks, losers, and retards.*
St. Pauls School MD is layed to waste. what was once a great establishment is now in flames. MOST PEOPLE DONT KNOW IT BUT ST PAULS WAS ORIGINALLY FOUNDED TO TEACH CHOIRBOYS< NOT LACCROSSE PLAYERS
by your mom's new special freind October 26, 2006
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