Mike T is a pussy ass dude. He gets no butt. He thinks he is tuff, but realy isnt, whoever says u pick on people, you juss flat out no your a fagot. YOUR ADDOPTED...HAHA DAT SUCKS
by Roy. G. Biv March 17, 2005
Top Definition
Cannot touch this school. We constantly pick fights with people; we have a kid who is exgirlfriend with a mexican and is still a pimp (Mike T). We have kid who cannot see shit with out his glasses (Nardo a kid whose belimic and cannot see with out his glasses.) Kids who have mastered insults and who never loses a bet (tighe) A colorblind kid whose good at sports (Nuts) A kid with 7 kids in his family (Joey). A kid whose good at karate and karate chopped an apple in a food fight (Dan) A kid who hangs out with a ton of girls but will not get with one..Just messing (maxie) A kid who sings and has ADD (Dagit) A kid whose lithuanian and has a cirsumsision problem, whose got white hair, is scared of everybody gets beat up at least 3 times a day, is friends with ed Kirby, and is owned by Tad (virgus)The mizz is apart of our class in our hearts even though he is at public school. A kid with a beautiful mole on his left cheek. THen a school goes straight down hill, we have a bunch of little uncordinated 7th graders in our school and our girls well enough said.
Saint MArgaret Eighth Grade rules Narberth.
by Mike March 15, 2005
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