A hospital in East St. Louis you should NEVER EVER under ANY circumstances go to unless you have a death wish.
Person 1: WOAH! what happend to your arms?!?
Person 2: I went to St. Mary's for my sore throat, and they amputated my arms. I should have just driven 5 mins. to Belleville to go to St. Elizabeths. :(
by just drive to belleville! March 20, 2010
A shitty ass catholic school in Mt. clemens Michigan. it is about 215 years old and is lead by the egyptian demi-god, Ms. Bilicki.
"I got out of St. Mary's just in time, now it has truly gone to hell with the Budchuck uprising"
by J Zabi July 06, 2004
St. Mary's is a private, Catholic high school located in the middle of Stockton, CA. The tuition is extremely high for the small facilities they offer.

(note: the following descriptions are accurate of most of the school's population.)
The parents are either filthy rich and purchase name-brand clothes and expensive cars for their brats or are dirt poor and receive more financial aid than you make in a year. The girls are either snobby, cliquish, and fake or are lonely, shy, and goodie-two-shoes. The boys are just that: boys. They are immature, horny, and bastards. The teachers are well-intentioned, and most of them are cool if you like to have shit all over your face. A brown-noser, dumbass. And please feel free to partake in lots of alcohol and assorted drugs from the students' parties, usually held out in the boonies. If you enjoy being plastic or enjoy being gothic or enjoy being picked on, tell your parents to pay those ungodly tuition payments so you can get yours! Even from those whorish girls!
Sally: "Daddy, I want a new BMW convertible so I can get all the guys to fuck me."
Daddy: "But sweetie, why not a new Escalade? It offers so much more room and can hold all of your intoxicated friends after those parties you all attend weekly."
Sally: "Oh, Daddy! You're the best!!"
by The Almighty Nick January 26, 2005
St. Mary´s College of Maryland. A small liberal arts college in southern Maryland located on the St. Mary´s River. The population is generally liberal and into the outdoors. Students at the college can be found in their natural environment partying outside around a bonfire. These fires can be had either at the Point, a point on the other side of the graveyard or in North Woods, the woods just north of campus. There is a swamp called Vietnam that is a favorite hang out of some students.

There are students with popped collars but they are not well accepted by the generally student body and are generally seen as a sub par group of human beings. There are pop collared folks who are all right but generally this doesn´t fly.

The college has a strong devotion to the water front...the docks or the river are the place to be. The environment of St. Mary´s is extremely relaxed and it is often called Camp St. Mary´s. We have an annual card board boat race and an annual naked bike ride. Both are horridly important to the wellbeing of the students.

Its a great place to study, live and hang out, but remember a popped collar is not the embodiment of the college.

Bathing is option. Clothing is optional. The river is essential.
Girl...Hey man lets head to the waterfront.

Guy...Hold on, I´m trying to find some Boh.

St Mary's ...babes on boats with boh.
by the bend in the river April 06, 2010
A school in Canada were tons of hot girls ogo. It is an all-girls school, a guy's dream school.
My girlfriend goes to St. Mary's.
by l\/l@++y May 02, 2009
a catholic high school in the heart of Pickering, Ontario that has more hiked up kilts then girls, the teachers are pretty sick, except the selected few. The rules are gay and nobody follows them.
St.Mary is a catholic high school in the small town of Pickering, Ontario.
by defsfffdsfdf June 12, 2008
An academically rich and competitive school. It boasts a rigorous and competitive environment both academically and athletically. The kids that go here can take AP courses while playing three sports and scoring 2300s on SAT's. We are the best school in Annapolis. We are wealthy white kids who breathe excellence in every area. People are jealous of our smarts, athletic skills and money. We look down at other schools like AACS (filled of faggots) ABSHS (also filled with faggots) IC (who cares) Key (gay stoners) severn (gayyyyy). We are the best school, we rock the polos and look sick doing it. We live in the best neighborhoods: Murray Hill, Sherwood, Bay Ridge etc... We have the nicest beach houses, and people don't mess with us bc they know we would kick their ass.
girl: Hey you are you a St. Mary's Saint?!
Guy: yeah.
Girl:omg your so hot and smart, we should hook up.
Guy: Yeah well I had plans with these other chicks but you can join.
Girl: OK!
by uzusaint April 16, 2010

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