St. Mary's is a private, Catholic high school located in the middle of Stockton, CA. The tuition is extremely high for the small facilities they offer.

(note: the following descriptions are accurate of most of the school's population.)
The parents are either filthy rich and purchase name-brand clothes and expensive cars for their brats or are dirt poor and receive more financial aid than you make in a year. The girls are either snobby, cliquish, and fake or are lonely, shy, and goodie-two-shoes. The boys are just that: boys. They are immature, horny, and bastards. The teachers are well-intentioned, and most of them are cool if you like to have shit all over your face. A brown-noser, dumbass. And please feel free to partake in lots of alcohol and assorted drugs from the students' parties, usually held out in the boonies. If you enjoy being plastic or enjoy being gothic or enjoy being picked on, tell your parents to pay those ungodly tuition payments so you can get yours! Even from those whorish girls!
Sally: "Daddy, I want a new BMW convertible so I can get all the guys to fuck me."
Daddy: "But sweetie, why not a new Escalade? It offers so much more room and can hold all of your intoxicated friends after those parties you all attend weekly."
Sally: "Oh, Daddy! You're the best!!"
by The Almighty Nick January 26, 2005
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1. Short for, Saint Mary's College of Maryland
2. The bad ass school on the river. We grow pot, we smoke pot, we eat pot, we live pot. Mardigreens and Hallowgreens are regularly used terms. If you've "lost it" your shoes WILL be hanging from a tree. On your birthday expect to get ponded. Buy your booze at Cooks and party hard at Monks or The Green Door. Public Safety officers are our best friends, especially when they are chasing us from The Point. We flock to the Keys for spring break and, when we return, we ride around naked on bicycles. We live in Rough House, Snow Hill, Rubbleheap, and Mt. Pleasant. Our hippies have perfected the art that is frisbee golf. On Easter we hunt for Natty Bo...not eggs. Say hello to Sunshine and Cowboy and then pop your collar're in St Mary's.
3. And we have a climbing wall.
Q: "Oh, so you go to Mount St. Mary's?"
A: "Dude, no way! I go to St. Mary's. On the river."
by sparkplug March 23, 2005
St.Mary's College of Maryland is a competitive small liberal arts college in Southern Maryland on the St.Mary's river which leads into the Chesapeake. It's a very liberal, some-what hippie/boho type school and is known for small-classes, great professors, and the scenery.
I love St. Mary's College of Maryland, I miss going kayaking and sunbathing at The Point.
by student at SMCM May 23, 2006
a shitty midget town next to other drug infested towns. Drug center of Pennsylvania. Most citizens are gay or bisexual and also inbred. Home of ECCHS, a concentration camp headed by Teddy Hanes. Children get eaten and adults die before 30. Hell.
This town is such a dump, must be close to St. Marys.
by purple people eater69 March 07, 2012
The waiting line to get into a donkey show.
“I can’t believe I’ve been in St. Maries for three days now.”
“Wow, it is absolutely boring in St. Maries.”
by Mopery January 25, 2009
no matter what anybody tells you, a popped collar on this campus means you are a tool. yes, a tool.

get used to ducking and/or getting hit with discs on a regular basis, saying hi to gus and gertie, waking up to enigmatic chalk messages all over campus, hearing phish or o.a.r. or some other jam band shit blasting out of windows everywhere you go, and getting mud on every pair of shoes you own.
Q: haven't you heard of st. mary's? we're the top public honors college in the country!

A: dude, there are only two.
When you wake up to sirens and helicopters don't worry the bomb squad has taken car of the light fixtures.
Q: Why was World Carnival cancelled?
A: Because the groundskeeps found a fallen lighting fixture and mistaked it for a pipe bomb!!
by Ian, Sarah, and Bridgin April 17, 2005
A hospital in East St. Louis you should NEVER EVER under ANY circumstances go to unless you have a death wish.
Person 1: WOAH! what happend to your arms?!?
Person 2: I went to St. Mary's for my sore throat, and they amputated my arms. I should have just driven 5 mins. to Belleville to go to St. Elizabeths. :(
by just drive to belleville! March 20, 2010

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