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The best and most expensive international day and boarding school in Austria, located in St.Gilgen, Salzburg, Austria. The campus is really nice, in the town where the Sound of Music was filmed.

Influential, famous, royalty and upperclass European families like Beckenbauer send their kids there.

Large percentage of the student body are white. Girls and guys all look the same and really nice/preppy/attractive/good-looking and are all from wealthy or upperclass families in Europe. They can be spotted with their Longchamp bags as school bags, Louis Vuitton wallets, Gucci watches, Moncler jackets or Hermes belts.

The tuition fee is most likely the highest in Austria (around $72,000) but the education is balanced, well rounded and really worth the money. Students are highly prepared for universities and often get into the top notch places in the world. Most students have the best time of their lives at STGIS where they adopt the internationalism.

Even though students come from rich backgrounds, they are all diligent, high achieving and fully aware of global issues.

The sports teams are called Saints.
Jack, "where did you go to high school"

Jill, "St Gilgen International School"

Jack, "I envy you"
by bahhh45 February 02, 2013
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