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The girls of St George Girls High School.

Despite being tied down by strict uniform policies and school rules, the St George Girls still manages to somehow look downright gorgeous!

It's in the genes...

Everyone talks about how they hate the Techies (see Sydney Tech), but deep down inside they know they'd rather have them as our brother school (we've grown to put up with their geeky ways).

One thought though, the St George and Tech uniforms are totally different. The St George uniform is navy (like our neighbours The Marists) and the Tech uniform is maroon (like their neighbours The Bethanies). Why don't we exchange uniforms? Dibs on navy, we don't want maroon.

Candy-striped, tie-wearing JUNIORS aside, the St George Girls senior uniform is one of the (relatively) good looking uniforms around (our sympathy goes out to those who must wear potato sacks).

We are all strong, 'independently minded young women'.
P1: "oh my god, that girl is hot AND smart."

P2: "Oh, then she's St George Girls' material insert wink here"
by lovemysundae June 05, 2009
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