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Literally translating to "music," it is also a name commonly given to effervescent and beautiful girls. Their personalities will be kind, outgoing, and sweet despite an openly cynical demeanor. They are loyal to a fault and will be the best kind of friend a person could ask for. Should anyone come across a Sruthi, they should do their best to keep them in their lives; their effort will not be in vain.
"Who were you talking to over there?"
"Her name's Sruthi."
"And you walked away?! You know what they say about Sruthis."
by RabidReader February 14, 2010
55 16
1. (noun) Someone who makes lame jokes.
2. (noun) Used as the extreme on a measure of lame jokes
3. (adjective) Describing something (usually a joke) that is likely to have been produced by Sruthi or deemed to be of a Sruthi calibre
1. Stop being such a Sruthi
2. On a scale from 1 to Sruthi, how lame do you think that joke was?
3. Dude, that was such a Sruthi thing to say
by ninjamaster10 March 11, 2010
51 28
Ultimate top bitch of the world
"Damn, Sruthi won't like that"
by topbitchoftheworld October 15, 2013
5 7