a country of short people with long names ruled by large men with large mustaches
sri lankans like to rename their airports
by mr. pj December 02, 2006
A country of short brown men referred to, historically, as the Sri-Unit.
yo dawg, my name is priyadharshanamangalam, i'm from sri lanka!
by chiappppp April 15, 2007
Very beautiful place that the kings need to go to so they can become gang memebers to the hit smash new group
"I'm going to Sri Lanka"
by Sherlock March 28, 2003
a beautiful country with tropical breezes and
with snobby ass men
who think women are lower
than men
and always laughinig
cuz they're idiots
"Have u been to Sri Lanka " _Chrissy
"yes it's beatiful"-SHAni
"but all those stupid ass men "-Dilu
"ya i kno " -Shani
by slgurl August 05, 2005
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